Read This If You Want Abundance in both your Business, and Life!

Dear Friend,

If you’re reading this then I guess you have an interest in joining my Private Client Group.

You’re probably expecting me to start selling the idea to you, but that’s not my angle here at all.

Because, quite frankly….

This Isn't For Everyone.

When people think of private client groups, they think of connecting, networking and masterminding.

That’s not really what this Private Client Group is all about.

Sure, we have members that are highly successful, and they will share their ideas and successes with you.

And of course, it is an opportunity to grow your network, and become connected with high achievers.

But that’s not the real goal here, you will get that from the group anyway.

The real goal here is;


And that’s what you get. In every area of your life, especially your business.

Notice there’s no disclaimer here. No fine print.

The reason is this. If you join the family then that will mean, that we both feel the Private Client Group is right for you.
We only work with people that we can genuinely help. We need to be in alignment with each other.

That’s how this works.
And when it works, then that means less stress and more freedom.

All the connections and other stuff …that’s just a bonus.


The reason I know I can help you is:

First, it’s YOU.

If we agree for you to become part of our family it will be because you are already motivated. You already want success.

This means that you are not looking for a magic wand, and overnight riches. You already know that’s a myth.

It means you’re committed to making things work, committed to development.

The challenge isn’t down to your efforts or work ethic.

It’s that you’re not able to maximise the immense opportunities in your life and business. Yet! Maybe, you can’t even see them.

Another reason that I know we can get you results is ME

We take your motivation, and then we merge it with my experience and systems. Then we get RESULTS


When we work together you’ll notice. That’s all there is to it.

Our focus is not on the herd though, that’s not where the opportunity is.

The opportunity isn’t in following the crowd.

It’s in;


My job is to help you and your business grow, to help you make more money and lead a happier life. To remove all your stress and overwhelm.

Interestingly, the way to do this is the exact OPPOSITE of what you’ve probably experienced in other programs.

I’m not into shortcuts (that don’t work) or hacks (that don’t work either).

I don’t give you a million things to do and follow that just gives you more overwhelm, and makes you feel like the journey will be too long.

Instead I find out exactly what is important for you. I identify all the dangers that you have that we need to eradicate, I help you zone in on your opportunities, and bring out the best of your strengths.

So that you can gain all the success you desire.

Think of it as you are fired up and ready to go, but maybe a little unsure of the direction.

I’m here to provide you with that clarity. To provide you with the structure you need to become successful.

So, to explain clearly. I analyse what you are doing now. Look at what’s working and what isn’t.
Then create an action plan going forward.

I give you a step by step process for you to follow. Actual processes that you can implement. The structure that you need so that you start to excel personally and professionally.

Like my wife, Jaclyn says …”If you want to sound clever, make something complex. If you want to actually help people, make it easy to follow.”

Now this is important, you need to know what you are getting. Let me be clear.


First, you get my entire team to support you.

Not just me. You do get me though.

As soon as you become a client I will make it my responsibility that you are successful.



During your first session with me you can empty your brain and we can break down exactly where you are at right now.

There’s a specific process for this and you’ll enjoy it.

In fact, every client who’s ever done this has reported great benefit from this one part alone.
We learn exactly what you want to achieve, what opportunities you have. Then we help you capitalise on them.

You will be amazed at how much this helps you.

You’ll come away from this with a great sense of clarity and focus.


I’ll take the time to go through everything that you tell me, and analyse everything. So that I can work out how we can support you. In each specific area.

During our conversation, I’ll go over this plan with you and make sure it “feels right” and makes sense.

If we need to tweak it a little bit, that’s OK.

It’s important you know that when you’re a client, we work together.

My job is to get you what you want while give you the freedom of “being you”. Not act as your boss.

So when we talk “one on one” the more open you are with me the more I can help you
We will work together as a team.


After our first meeting. We will implement our first “action plan.” Then we will build on this plan as we start to get bigger and better results with you.

All the while your life will be improving, your business will be getting stronger and you will be making more money.

The whole idea is to bring out the best of your unique abilities, and move away from anything that is holding you back from progressing.

Here’s how we do it;


I hold a strategy session with you when we first start working together.

The purpose of the meeting is to do three things:

First, we share on your strengths, and what is already working.

You’ll be asked what’s worked well for you in the recent weeks or months.

We will assess where you want to be in your life, career and business. Finding out exactly what you don’t want in life, and what you want to move away from.

We will look at what opportunities that you have, or if we need to create them. Then we get laser-focused on them. All with my support.

We will find your unique ability, so we can focus on your strengths.

This is a great way to become positively focused, to focus on your wins and your successes, your skills and strengths. And more importantly to get you what you want. Whatever that may be.


So what will that help look like to you?



Our entire focus is on finding your TRUE YOU, and getting you to structure both your business and life to suit you, not the other way round.

Once we have you working with your real strengths we can look to maximise your opportunities.

Our meetings will all take place live via video link, where you can speak with me directly.


It is an investment

And,,,,you will need to implement what we teach you. So that you can see results fast.
If you want, you can share your success with other clients in the network, and they will with you too.



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That's how you get EXACTLY what you want……..


A guaranteed life of Elite Balance and Success in all key four domains of your life: Soul, Fitness, Connection, Security

Let’s get to it, to accelerate your life!

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