When I first started, before I got involved in this, there were no monthly returns. It was basically getting a bit of money to get you going and then losing your money. My returns now are over 7.4% a month and I’m actually pushing to 8.


I think it’s been a blessing in disguise to come across Dale. Obviously, I’ve been trying to find somebody like him but I’ve been failing. I’ve never actually felt at home until I’ve come across him, so I’m really enjoying the programme.


The programme’s really helped me by the fact that I didn’t have any background in trading whatsoever. Once I started immersing myself in the teachings of Dale, the Masterminds, and the online course, it went from zero to hundred.


It makes me feel pretty good because first of all, I need to do something but I’m doing something that makes me money and gives me better life and more time with my partner.


Not every time you can get a one-on-one support from your mentor, showing you the education and telling you step by step what to look for in a trade and all that, so it’s just about the dedication that Dale is giving.


One of the best things about the programme is that Dale has made himself completely available to me in several different ways. We’ve got a website setup, we’ve got a Facebook setup specifically for our group, I have his cell phone number, I can text or call him anytime I need to, and we have “Tech Tuesdays”.


The programme is fantastic because it’s very in-depth and you write down what you’re doing and you’ve got a record of everything you’re doing so you can look back and improve on it.


At this very moment, with profit 7.9%, I’m quite happy. I do intend to grow upon that, I don’t see any reason why not as this is a very focused training and within it are the strategies as well so you’re not just learning how to do things, you are actually within the training with the strategies that you’re taught.


I think The Masterminds are absolutely brilliant because even though the first day I went on it seemed a bit over my head, now I can see the benefit if them. When I simply go through the programme, I can hear your voice – I’ve already heard it from you and I’m “hearing” it again and it goes in better.


Following the strategies, I’ve doubled my demo account. I’ve created the experience so I can go forward to have the same experience on a live account.