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“How to achieve more money & elite balance in your business, marriage and life”

This FREE Life Changing Challenge is for you if you’re sick and tired of settling for ‘average’ and want a proven process for real results.

Guided by Dale Gaucas – The High Performance Coach

In The Next 4 Days I’ll Help You Uncover

4 Hidden Secrets To Having a Successful Business, Marriage and Life

"...but Dale, my BUSINESS is DEAD and my personal LIFE has fallen to PIECES!"

I hear it all the time and I get it…it’s tough to build your company and maintain a healthy body and happy marriage.

What if I told you there’s a very simple way to do all that and achieve more? To achieve Freedom?

I have always been an advocate of helping people, so I have created the Freedom For Free challenge for leading men, which I see as my Brothers.

This challenge is for you regardless of what area of your life is lacking. I’m going to help you: Make more money, Fix your relationships, Improve fitness & Make your business boom!

It doesn’t matter whether you are married or not, whether you’ve been running a business for several years already or you are just starting out as an entrepreneur, whether you skipped leg day and feel bad about yourself or you overeat and don’t have stamina. I put together time and results proven methods for anybody who is looking for elite balance.

Each day of the challenge I’ll go LIVE with a New Video and a Workbook to show you exactly How To Create a Business Engine that pumps out high revenue and allows everyone to live their dream life… In the Next 4 Days, I will show the facts – NOT fiction – on EXACTLY how to build that life! Without having to figure it all out by yourself.

PLUS, you’ll receive access to a Facebook group full of like minded people, who have been where you are!
PLUS you’ll be invited into an Exclusive Webinar for 1-1 Coaching with Dale Gaucas!

Now, this simply IS the best 4-day accelerated training on how to increase your power in your Business, Marriage and Life. End of. This is my 20 years of academic received and experiential wisdom condensed and simplified. 

It’s a one in a lifetime opportunity to join while I give it away FOR FREE! But only if you are fast enough and manage to get in with the first 100 people! Once the Challenge is filled, I’m going to start charging £497 for the entry.

And the best thing about this challenge? You can join in from the comfort of your own home and do it in your own time, it’s going to stay up forever. Once you are in, you are in.

Do not hesitate…

Smash that button now and join in before it’s too late!

See you on the inside,

Your Freedom Coach Dale Gaucas

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You will learn to Dominate and Expand in every area of your Life.

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The Challenge Uncovered

  • What is the Freedom For Free Challenge?

    Our challenge is a place where you can find people who are in the same place where you are as well as a mentor who has successfully navigated through those hard times and helped countless others ignite their inner fire. This is a positive environment that will help you grow and prosper in all four DOMAINS of your life: Business, Body, Money & Marriage.

  • How do join the challenge?

    The challenge is limited to 65 people and all you need to do is signup using the form above. Enter your name, phone number and email and we will send you everything you need to join in the challenge!

  • Why is the challenge free?

    Over a 5-year relentless journey that led me across the globe and back again, studying and working with the world’s most elite mentors… I found the answer that I was looking for, and I know there were thousands of people looking for the same answers. I want to share this knowledge and help people to create better lives for themselves.

  • Who is Dale Gaucas?

    For 18 years, I have been obsessed with helping people become their greatest self

    My massive transformational purpose is to....

    'Radically accelerate individuals to master themselves and live a life of abundance'

    My never ending pursuit of personal expansion on all levels has taken me across the planet to work with some of the world's greatest mentors.

    This gave me the opportunity to create an extraordinary life and naturally led to building the life-changing programme, Ignite Your Fire Within that can be enjoyed by all as you become the greatest you.

    Today I am a loving husband to my wife Jaclyn and devoted father of my two children, Holly and Dylan. I am an author, forward-thinking businessman and mentor.

  • What happens when I join the Freedom For Free Challenge?

    You will get added to the challenge and sent an email to confirm. You will then be given a link to a private, friendly Facebook group, where you will be led over a 4-day period. You will then have access to free videos, documents, challenge worksheets and also get a chance to win free prizes!

  • How much time is needed?

    The challenge take 4 days. You can follow the whole challenge and take part every day. Just 30 to 45 minutes per day on average.

    If you invest 45 minutes doing the work for the Ignite Your Fire Within challenge, you will arm yourself to go into the world and annihilate your challenges on a daily basis. This will transform how you live your life.

  • Is this challenge for real?

    Yes! It's simple really. Most of us are never taught these lessons. I want to share this knowledge and give you an insight into a system you can use in every area of your life. So, you can go into the world and start to ignite your fire within.

  • Can my friends join the Freedom for Free Challenge with me?

    Yes! Actually it will be mutually beneficial for you and your friends/significant other if you join together. You can hold each other accountable, help each other out and enjoy the whole process together. You can use the invite button in the Facebook Group or send them to this link: https://www.dalegaucas.com/freedom4free/

  • Who is the Freedom for Free Challenge for?

    The courses are designed for married business men, but anyone over 18 can join and take part. This is designed to help everyone improve their lives.

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