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Enrol and Experience the “ITFW” Challenge

A Proven Blueprint.
A Rock Solid Structure.
A Straight Forward Strategy.
An Elite Workable System For Life.

36 Life Altering & Expansion Experiences in 36 Days!

36 Life Altering & Expansion Experiences

That SkyRockets your mental capacity, physical presence and emotional intelligence to be more & Get More in every area of your life.

The Jewel in The Crown For Leaders “The CCAD System” Become Unstoppable

Slip inside the deepest facets of your own mind at will and access the greatest version of yourself you didn’t know existed. (Browser & App).

Triple D: Daily Depth of Defence

How to lead and win every day in your business, body, money & marriage – Guaranteed!

Master Your Mind, Control & Win The Game

How to see the moves – 5-6-7 moves ahead.

How to Wake Up The Cash Cow & Win Big in Business

How to access and unlock the hidden value and profits, without investment.

Proactive Appreciation

How to quit talking in defence and watch as people fall to their knees for you.


Lifetime Access to 5 leading edge revolutionary audiobooks that are the hidden foundation of your transformation.

Private Access To

The Power Play of Leaders “Arsenal Of Meditations”. Connection to your own soul without all the spiritual ‘Woo Woo’ nonsense – Just pure truth and logic..

24/7 Elite Live & Direct Support & Guidance

In one click via your Professional, Easy To Use members area.

Way Of Life App

For Instant Results & Accountability. Never drop off.

Lifetime Access

“The Place For The Players” Hassle free platform, one click set up and good to go. Your own private access to our state of the art online members area, leading edge in personal and professional development, Transformation For Elite Balance.

The Take, OWN & CONTROL Bonus Package

The ultimate leadership, systems and accountability model.

– The Elite Wheel Of Life revealer
– Full access to the Secret Diamond Papers
– Challenge ”Road To The Gold Map”

Action Takers Extra Bonus

Extra 90 Days FREE Access To:

The “Jewel In The Crown” for leaders “The CCAD System” become & stay unstoppable.

Private Client Secret “IGNITE THE FIRE” Weekly 2 Hour Online Coaching Mastermind

Facilitated by Dale Gaucas groundbreaking mindset session in business, body, money, marriage, and self.

The Greatest Self Guarantee

If your business, body, money, and marriage is not more successful, healthy, secure, loving, respected, alive and on fire then one click gets your money back.

Exclusive benefits with our 36 Day Challenge

  • Excel in your business or career, by achieving your full potential in capturing all personal wealth and fulfillment goals.
  • Cultivate a bulletproof mindset where you can fully realise your true potential, as you fast-track your journey to become your greatest self.
  • Galvanise the personal and professional relationships that you have in your life, and build powerful new ones.
  • Have steller health, fitness and vitality, where your energy levels exceed all of your aspirations.
  • Find your purpose, so that you can contribute positively to the people around you, by uncovering your own unique phenomenal value.

  • Who is Dale Gaucas?

    For 18 years, I have been obsessed with helping people become their greatest self

    My massive transformational purpose is to....

    'Radically accelerate individuals to master themselves and live a life of abundance'

    My never ending pursuit of personal expansion on all levels has taken me across the planet to work with some of the world's greatest mentors.

    This gave me the opportunity to create an extraordinary life and naturally led to building the life-changing programme, Ignite Your Fire Within that can be enjoyed by all as you become the greatest you.

    Today I am a loving husband to my wife Jaclyn and devoted father of my two children, Holly and Dylan. I am an author, forward-thinking businessman and mentor.

  • Why Ignite Your Fire Within?

    Ignite Your Fire Within was uncovered through my own journey of collapse and re-build. My unshakable commitment to finding the answers in life led me to the creation of this programme. That is a workable system and purely purpose-based, results-driven.

    The systems and processes are used by me on a daily basis, and all of my clients. They have taken individuals from a stand-still start to phenomenal expansion in less than 30 days, regenerating their internal belief system that has ignited a whole new way of approaching life, with complete certainty to do whatever they wish to do.

  • What is the Ignite Your Fire Within Challenge?

    It is a 30-day program where you will apply, internally, a belief system and externally a life system, with remarkable accuracy that will give you complete certainty, absolute clarity, unshakable courage and confidence to accomplish your dreams, and live the life you have always wanted to live.

  • Why did I create the Ignite Your Fire Within challenge?

    Over a 5-year relentless journey that led me across the globe and back again, studying and working with the world’s most elite mentors… I found the answer that I was looking for, and I know there were thousands of people looking for the same answers.

    Ignite The Fire Within was born!

  • What happens when I join the Ignite Your Fire Within challenge?

    You will get instant access to the 'Ignite Your Fire Within' Facebook group, where you will be led over a 30-day period to transform your life. So, you can also master your life.

    All your pre-training will begin instantly. You will become one of the family, so get ready to get locked and loaded as this will be one hell of a ride.

  • How much time is needed?

    The pre-training will take roughly 90 minutes and the daily processes of the challenge will take you 45 minutes per day on average.

    If you invest 45 minutes doing the work for the Ignite Your Fire Within challenge, you will arm yourself to go into the world and annihilate your challenges on a daily basis. This will transform how you live your life.

  • Why is the Ignite Your Fire Within challenge so affordable?

    Because all you need is a powerful, workable system and this is what the Ignite Your Fire Within challenge gives you. So, there are zero excuses about whether to do it or not. Once you have a system, all you have to do is implement it and change your life!

    And to be honest in true reality, the value of this process is unheard of, so I want you to work with me for 30 days. I will transform your life so you can make the most important decision you make at the end of this challenge to continue with us.

  • Is the the Ignite Your Fire Within challenge for real?

    We get this question a lot. It is as real as night and day. We do not confuse our clients. It is in our best interest to make sure our clients succeed.

    We simply give you a system that you can use in life. So, you can go into the world and ignite your fire within.

  • Who is this for?

    There is no discrimination, this is for men from all backgrounds. You must be above the age of 18, if you are 16, you must get your parents or guardians consent before enrolling into this program.

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