Short-Term Work

Short-Term Work

I want to share with you my views on short-term work. I looked at one of my videos and thought “Oh wow, I look lethargic!”, even though I didn’t really feel like that. Over the last four to six months, I probably put in 18 hours  of work a day. Even though I love doing it and that’s all I’m about, I have numerous different skills, one being trading, which probably takes me an hour or two a day, and another one is building businesses. I simply know what I am good at.

In order to succeed (whatever your goal may be, for example taking a step in trading or a business), you need to put that work in short-term. Condense the work− do a lot of work in a short period of time. Then BANG, you can explode! A lot of people somehow think that when they have a dream and they put their effort in over let’s say 18 months or maybe two years, it’s still coming. Well, you need to take care of it short-term – six or eight to twelve weeks, that kind of explosive work! Get it really condensed and locked down.

Once you start to understand the efficiency of short-term work, your accelerated learning comes in. Yes, the pressure may feel a bit heavy, or a little too much, but once you have a line and you can see a light at the end of the tunnel, BOOM! You seem to get closer to the lights!

I may have looked a bit lethargic because I’ve been working long days and long hours lately. However, I keep telling myself: “Just keep going, man!” Maybe you’ll have these days when it’s a tad loaded and you don’t bring your a-game. Nevertheless, let your a-game be a 10. If you don’t bring your a-game beyond the level 8 or 9, at least don’t drop down to as low as 3 or 4!

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