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The Law of Perturbation

The law of perturbation – its power has affected our team today. We’ve had numerous challenges in the office and in the business with a couple of clients and suppliers to have conversations with, and some course content to be created. At times it can feel like there are a lot of things going on. I say that’s where the growth happens, and that’s where the law of perturbation is, guys!

The analogy of the law of perturbation is one of a falling tree. If a falling tree drops onto hard ground, it just rots and falls away into nothing, i.e. it doesn’t grow anymore. However, if a tree falls into a swamp in a forest, it gets sucked into the ground and over thousands of years, it turns into coal. Over millions of years, it turns into an irreplaceable diamond.

We humans really like when the law of perturbation kicks within us. That’s why you need to be able to recognize where it’s showing up in your life. For example, you can imagine just leaving someone sitting on the couch with no pressure on them. Then in theory, they are just going to rot like that tree! But if you put such people on some challenges, if you put them on the pressure − which is what we all need − then they (you) actually grow. That’s the law of perturbation implementing itself.

So we’ve had a lot going on today (What’s the time now? About half past 3 or 4 o’clock… This has been happening from half past 6 in the morning), but we’ve got through it and in the end of the day, once you come to certain decisions, you can see your own self-growth.

So I just wanted to share this powerful law, THE LAW OF PERTURBATION, with you guys. Let me know where it showed up in your lives!

Dale Gaucas is an entrepreneur, author, community man, and the UK’S Number 1 life and business coach. For more than a decade, hundreds of people have enjoyed the transformational power of Dale's business and personal development mentorship, courses, and events.

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