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Improving Yourself While Being Yourself

I would like to share with you something − it’s about “improving yourself while being yourself”. Yes, it is key to improve yourself, but it’s also very important to stay yourself. Don’t over-complicate things and think that you need to change who you are in order to improve yourself. Trust me; you’ve got this far in life being yourself, so you don’t really have to change that much. Maybe just a few things. That is truly essential. Do it while being yourself, proactive and remaining the drive you’ve already got. Whatever you are aiming to do, do it but be yourself.

A lot of people think that when they want to move towards their visions, they need to change something about themselves. But you don’t, you’re just becoming a better, improved version of YOURSELF.

Yesterday evening, I had a phone call from a friend of mine. He was asking me for some business advice on what and how he should set up  on his account and how he’s probably a bit late for that… (In fact, Ryan is only 29) so I said to him: “Honestly, you’re still early for the game.” It comes with experience, but you are early for the game!  A lot of people feel like they have to rush the process at this stage. Instead of adjusting it, if you’ve made the decision, at whatever age it may be (It doesn’t matter whether it’s after 40, 50, 60, or 30 or 20), just trust the process, embrace it and enjoy! That’s really all it’s about, guys.

Believe in yourself, believe in the vision you wish to achieve and just work towards it. That’s where your goals and visions are hit. That’s where you can get rid of a lot of pressure instead of trying to rush the process. Just trust it; it will all work out right.

Believe in yourself and push on!


Dale Gaucas is an entrepreneur, author, community man, and the UK’S Number 1 life and business coach. For more than a decade, hundreds of people have enjoyed the transformational power of Dale's business and personal development mentorship, courses, and events.

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