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Sticking to Your Commitments

Hello! Just wanted to remind you of the importance of sticking to your commitments. It is a beautiful day today and I have plans to attend a christening as I was asked to be a godfather of one of my friend’s son, which is an honour in itself.  But even though I have these kinds of commitments, I still have my personal commitments, which are actually my business commitments (as you might already know). On a lighter note, there’s also a bit of a breakfast commitment today…

So I just want to share with you this: I still come into my office every Sunday morning. I always check through a few currency pairs to see where it’s going down and what trade setups are going on for the week ahead. I also have a look at the trades I am currently in. For example today there’s a trade we have on and we’re on a profitable position on; it would be like a “3:1 trade”. There is also a New Zealand trade, which is like a “4:1 trade”. So I just wanted to show you what I have going on and illustrate that even though you have numerous other things going on in your life, you still have to analyse what you’re up to − 7 days a week.

Let go and go for it!

To finish with, here is a bit of motivation for those who feel kind of “held back”: Do you know what the worst sentence in the English language is? It’s when people say “You only know it when you’ve experienced it in your life.” That’s what holds a lot of people back in business or in anything else. So whatever it is, just go for it! Let go and go for it. Then you will find out whether you know it or not.

Dale Gaucas is an entrepreneur, author, community man, and the UK’S Number 1 life and business coach. For more than a decade, hundreds of people have enjoyed the transformational power of Dale's business and personal development mentorship, courses, and events.

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