I radically accelerate individuals to master themselves.

To live a life abundance

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What is the "Ignite The Fire Within" personal and professional development programme

The ‘Ignite The Fire Within’ personal and professional development programme is here to accelerate you to mastery in 8 specific areas of your life.

Wealth, Mind-set, Spirituality, Fun, Contribution, Career. Relationships, Health

These areas are the cornerstones of your success, fulfillment and well-being

We help you through the implementation of universal processes, structure and formulas to radically accelerate your progress in all key areas of your life, so that you can truly live a life of abundance.

The results with our clients are astounding, we make your personal success our responsibility. We help you move through all challenges the challenges that you have so that you can locate and capitalise on every opportunity while bringing out the very best of you by maximising your strengths.

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How I help by actually helping

I have worked for the past 20 years with the most established and financially successful businesses in the construction, and finance industry.

I have worked with high net worth individuals and witnessed their successes and failures all being based around the same thing, systems and processes.

To achieve success and maintain it, there are actual universal processes for living, finance, stress and security.

Finding the unique ability in these individuals and companies so they can prosper is the platform for their transformation. Then implement the universal systems.

I have built a highly trained team over the past 5 years that supports me in delivering these results in a systematic, and easy to understand process.

This process is driven from my own personal MTP (Massive transformational purpose) which is to radically accelerate individuals to master themselves to live abundant lives. Myself and my company makes every decision off the back of this MTP.

I will help you find your MTP and implement the structure and real universal processes you need to ensure your success.

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Your personal and professional mastery is our responsibility.

That’s why we are building you a proprietary cutting edge learning management system. Our member’s area will be your goto hub for everything you to create abundance in every area of your life.

    Ignite The Fire Within

    Your personal and professional acceleration programme

    The 8 Key areas of the circle of life

     The ‘Ignite The Fire Within’ programme will help you GET INTO THE LIGHT’

    Achieving mastery in 8 key areas of your life is the key to your transformation.

    The hard truth is that many if not all of the clients that we help are ‘out of balance’ in their lives. Usually in multiple areas. We usually find that people excel in 1 or 2 of the 8 key areas.

    Sometimes it’s entrepreneurs that are excelling in business and doing very well financially, but their fun and health elements in their lives are being neglected…

    Right through to the opposite, which could be somebody that wants to ‘start’ a business but feels pressures in other areas of their lives. And they just don’t know what the steps are to get everything in alignment.

    It is difficult to do on your own, without support. That is what we are here to give you the support you need. So that you can make ‘change’ in certain aspects of your life. Where you will then be more ‘satisfied’ with the direction your life is taking.

    Achieving mastery in every area of your life takes focus, and it takes systems and processes to get you working towards ‘how you want’ you life to look in each of the key areas. Once you start to ‘improve’ each segment your life improvements, well-being and fulfilment will start to compound.

    Working towards the all-important goal of ‘balance’ is the key to your transformation. It is a common theme for certain segments in your life to be neglected while you thrive in other areas.

    Many people feel that there is not enough time to give every area the attention it deserves, many people feel that they are being controlled by time. That you must develop to achieve the perfect balance in your life. When you achieve balance.








    Transform yourself with actual Universal Processes

    Universal process for success and winning

    Universal process for financial abundance

    Discover the true you

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    True you

    'Our clients don't want you to sit on the fence'

    Working with Dale Gaucas has been absolutely fantastic. It’s a good thing to do, I would really say that.

    Prasath Balasubramanian

    You will see everything, like finances, friendships, relationships completely differently but in a positive way.

    Sinead Kelly

    I would just say, it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. It will change your life, working with Dale really helps, he really does help.

    Leanne Du-val

    This is the course that will change your life, and make you have the ‘have it all’ lifestyle. It will make your life 100% better.

    David Clark

    “When I first started, before I got involved in this there were no monthly returns, now we’ve created 80% growth since working together.”

    John Rankins

    Your trading mentor

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