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Whatever challenge that you are facing right now. I guarantee that I can relate.
You are just one simple step away from turning everything around.



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Transform Your Business And Life With Personalised Coaching From A Proven Mentor

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Let me introduce

I’m Dale Gaucas – The Freedom Coach.

Whatever challenges that you want to overcome, opportunities you want to capture, or strengths that you want to maximise. Dale Gaucas’ transformational coaching programmes will help you move exponentially towards all of your goals.

Wherever you are at in your life right now, we will help you get to the next level. To get you thinking bigger, to ensure you realise your true potential. You can achieve much more than you ever imagined, you just need the right framework, and then your own ride or die commitment will get you there. I will make that promise to you.

Dale Gaucas – Founder


Clients transformed


Years as a life coach


Years in business


Years as a business coach

My Practice

Life Changing Personal Mentorship and Transformational Programmes.

I have worked with high net worth individuals and witnessed their successes and failures all being based around the same thing, systems and processes.

To achieve success and maintain it, there are actual universal processes for living, finance, stress and security.


Create opportunity, streamline, expand and significantly increase your bottom line in your business.


Learn how to fast-track promotion, achieve rapid growth, increase your value and earning potential.


Create, re-unify, re-build or galvanise every area of your relationships both personal and proffesional.


Learn how to get exponential results in the 8 key interconnected areas of your life.

Application to Speak With Dale Gaucas - 1 on 1 Discovery Zoom session

Program Offerings

Improve Every Area Of Your Life

Unlock Where You Are Now

Take the initiative to lead yourself toward liberation from your TRUTH and Discover and unlock the hidden value and profits in your business and life.

Transform your life

Ignite The Fire Within 36 day challenge,

A 30-day challenge designed to create exponential results in your business, marriage and life!

A no-nonsense framework, to get you producing massive momentum in all key areas of your life

The system and structure to maximise your super-power so that your business sky-rockets, succeeds and expands!

The path to become your greatest self and create unity, spark and connection in your marriage and relationships

A community of like-minded individuals just like you, seriously committed to elite balance and the method behind a have it all lifestyle

The Process

How does it work?

We will deep dive into what exactly is going on in your life,

What are your current challenges that we need to overcome?

What Opportunities do you have in your life that you want to capture?

And what strengths do you have that we can utilise to maximize your opportunities?

We then give you an actionable plan to get you from where you are to where you want to go to.

Fill in the contact form (Process takes only seconds)
We will reach out to you to set up a complimentary 1 on 1 discovery session
Discovery session on zoom or phone to deep dive into your current challenges, opportunities, and strengths.
An action plan will be created for you to transform your business, career, relationships, and life!


We asked our clients a few questions

You helping me is giving me the chance to help others

- Alexander Mckenzie

Dale Gaucas will change anybody's life.

- Jon Byrom

I feel excited for the future.

- David Clark

You pulled me through it, you smashed it to bits.

- Jay Wilkins

Dale gives practical advice that will change your life.

- Karl Housley

It’s given me a lot more clarity and confidence with all areas.

- Michael Collins

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